See practical tips to support your clients in the Restaurants, Hospitality, Travel Agencies, Events and Real Estate sectors in the midst of the crisis

I could start this blog post with an introduction to the coronavirus and its effects, which are increasingly expanding into areas beyond public health. But you, like me, are probably already tired of being bombarded by this kind of news.

Assuming that we are all aware of the most recent events, I will continue the text with one purpose: to shed some light on the current scenario.

You who are inserted in the universe of marketing agencies and consultants must have already noticed that, in recent weeks, some market segments are being more affected than others. This is the case, for example, in the sectors of restaurants, hotels, real estate, travel agencies and events.

If you have clients that work in these niches, the good news is that I have practical tips here on how you can help them through this difficult period. The content was prepared by managers of RD partner agencies, and is also available in video format at the profile @rd. Partners on integral. If you prefer to check the content there, just go to the highlights “classes with experts”

1. Bars and Restaurants 

The following tips were shared by Blue world city:

Tip 1: Take care of content related to sanitation

If your customers are working on delivery now that the restaurants are closed, then ideally you should use marketing help to clearly show how this process is going. And social networks are very important right now.

If you can publish in your customer’s feed tips and measures that the restaurant is taking regarding hygiene, the public that requests delivery will be aware of this process and will feel more relaxed when placing orders. Posting this type of content daily in stories is something that helps the public to build trust in the restaurant’s brand.

Tip 2: Don’t worry about past numbers, but about adapting to the current scenario

Now we are in another scenario. If before the customer billed X in delivery, now he will probably bill much more than that. It is necessary to be aware of this, as many people are thinking that the number of delivery will drop when in fact the trend is for it to rise.

But, at the same time, we know that competition can increase and that some restaurants will suffer more as they have products that are more difficult to adapt. So, the ideal is to help your customer find new ways to migrate your products. Example: there are cases of restaurants by the kilo that have adapted to work with marmite. Evaluate these possibilities and use marketing as an ally to make a new strategy.

Tip 3: Focus on the relationship with your customers during this period

Show the reality. During this period, customers are also more willing to help you, in a way. So, by being real, vulnerable and transparent, it can help you communicate.

Bonus tip

Be sure to invest in media, sponsor your posts, or seek partnership in other businesses (or with influencers). During this period, if you take legal action there is a high chance that someone will mention your customer’s restaurant and show you what the process is like. This will encourage other people to do the same and ask for your customer’s delivery more often (and even when it all passes).

2. Hospitality 

Below you can check the tips of Jean Vidal, CEO of Conexorama:

Tip 1: Support the customer in their internal and external communications

It is important that the agency supports the hotel to take all the necessary precautions, to make all the communications that must be done to take care of people. Even though there are no guests, it is very common in hotels to have units that have been sold, to have people who live in the apartments. Therefore, it is necessary to have a communication connected to all this human care that we are having during this period.

The hotel will need to issue notes, care, art, notices, controls, and this is the first point where the agency is essential and needs to help support the hotel.

Tip 2: Promote the “don’t uncheck, recheck” campaign

Instead of canceling stays, create the possibility for hotel customers to schedule a new booking date. Be creative in how you publicize these campaigns.

And there is also an extra point: the agency has a consultancy role, to pass information on to its client. A front that the hotel often ends up forgetting to take on is to get in touch with customers of their reservations in advance, showing the human side and concern, giving ways to parcel out, and establish new dates.

How about if the agency promotes this campaign, helps with communications and provides some insights: for example, a special gift during the stay of the guest who joins this campaign?

Tip 3: Keep At Least Minimal Digital Marketing Running

In other words: the demand has ceased to exist for various contexts, but the public does not. So, the hotel needs to be on social media, send email marketing, and launch eBooks.

This is a period that can be used to generate new Leads, because after this period people will be eager to go back to their daily lives, to take a vacation. There will be demand. If the hotel manages to organize itself financially during this period and keep its presence as little as possible in the life of this audience, when the time is right, the hotel will achieve a much greater return.

Tribuzana, another RD partner agency, made an eBook with more tips on this segment. You can access it here: How to minimize the impacts of the crisis on the hotel industry

3. Travel Agencies 

Below are the tips from Rogerio Costa, founder of the OIBE agency.

Tip 1: Invest in the processes of the commercial area (CRM)

“The commercial team of the agencies that I serve are managing, at this moment, to better manage the situation, work remotely and develop a good job due to the CRM”, said Rogerio.

If you want to keep your processes running, from the pre-sales to the closing and management of activities, no spreadsheet, email and annotation. Use a CRM. Propose this to your client and help them to reorganize their minds in terms of sales, packages, destinations, itineraries, etc.

Tip 2: Invest in SEO

The main source channel of Leads in sales in this niche is the organic one. If you have a customer who is already investing in content, optimize and step down the funnel a little. If content is missing and there is a gap at the bottom of the funnel, fill that gap and optimize this content. Maybe your client is not selling now, but in 6/8 months he will be selling again and this SEO work will make all the difference in the future.

Tip 3: Strengthen relationship and brand automation

This is not the time to focus on product automation, but on institutional content, social proof, and testimonials. If possible, maintain your investment in automation software. “That’s what we’re working on and RD Station is working very well because it makes this content and this communication enter into movement and synergy with what we’re looking for at the moment”, concludes Rogerio.

4. Events 

For the events niche, Priscila Kempner, managing partner of Agencies 110, shared the following good practices: 

Tip 1: Understand how Covid-19 directly affects your customer

“We looked for support in the consumer code to understand what would be the legal applications for our customers and we found that the cancellation of events, for example, would not entitle the public to moral damages. 

In the case of a pandemic, we are supported by the fortuitous event that excludes companies from the liability of indemnification for damages or losses incurred during the term of a contract and even gives my client the right to return the amount paid in such a way that it has been effected. In other words, if the user paid in installments to my client, my client also has the right to return the amount to the user in installments”, said Priscila.

Tip 2: Keep your customer’s customer very well informed

Here, a good suggestion is to use automation in a chat platform to clarify the doubts of the entire base that bought tickets, such as: “Is the show going to be canceled?” or “Will I get my money back?” This is one of the actions that Agencies 110 has been carrying out with clients in this segment.

“The tools that helped us in this process and that can help you as well: RD Station, where we took all the segmentation of ticket buyers from those shows, and Many Chat that enabled the automation in Facebook Messenger”, said Priscila.

Tip 3: Offer New Perspectives

One of the options is to change the in-person event format to online. It’s nice to keep a structure for holding digital events because you can use that as an incentive for people to stay home during this quarantine period.

“As for clients who work with special dates and important moments in people’s lives, such as weddings, 15th birthdays, graduation, etc., we adhere to the hashtag #NãoCancele-Remarque to encourage the search for new dates. 

We had a very positive opening from the audience. To help, we developed artwork and mockups so that they could send their customers suggesting the rescheduling and also developed some pieces for them to use with suppliers to negotiate new deadlines”, says Priscila.

5. Real estate

Finally, we have the recommendations of Rodrigo Wernicke, specialist consultant in Real Estate Marketing and director of the Cupola agency.

Tip 1: Bring information that can help your client face this time of adversity

Real estate managers in general are disoriented and without references for decision making. When an outside player takes information about their niche, it makes perfect sense and finds great acceptance.

“We are working with daily reports. Seeking to support our clients with insights and information that can be useful to them, both in terms of management and in terms of marketing and sales”, says Rodrigo.

Tip 2: Helping customers with process redesign

The commercial journey of the real estate market client will be completely transformed by the new Coronavirus. So, the experience of visiting properties and the showroom will change a lot. The client will, in the coming months, look for distance. You will prefer virtual tours. And for that, he needs a consultancy, an agency to guide him and guide him so that the websites are even adapted for this new moment in which the client is more distant.

Tip 3: Plan the retake

The resumption will take place as the quarantine is relaxed and in this scenario, there will be a great deal of business. Many companies will go under, but great opportunities will also arise.

“We observe the market recovery. Today in China it is 50% of what it was compared to 2019, that is, there will be a market, there will be consumers returning to the real estate market. Property is a social demand, it is a product that is not expendable, and it does need to be hired, either as rent or sale. So, the market will heat up and whoever is better prepared will have an advantage. Agencies can contribute in this sense, preparing for this acceleration”, said Rodrigo.