The Growth Machine is a predictable and scalable way to direct our customers to move faster and better in using the RD Station, following a path of success.

Have you ever noticed that for many people it is difficult to learn another language? This is because absorbing a new language is very complex. Therefore, schools specializing in the subject not only offer classes and materials, but also a proven methodology of results, which usually presents a series of points to be followed in order for the student to learn in the most effective way possible.

But what does this have to do with Digital Marketing? In the same way as learning a language, understanding and applying Digital Marketing to obtain effective results is also complex, requiring a minimum of effort, time and resources. And that’s why many people fail to get results: you need to follow some necessary precepts to be successful and generate value for your company.

It was with this in mind that Blue World City has launched the Growth Machine Methodology: a predictable and scalable way to direct our customers to move faster and better in the use of the RD Station, following a path of success. The methodology is based on RD’s own trajectory and also on the history of our customer base.

How the Growth Machine Methodology works

The methodology brings together texts, videos, infographics, templates and other support materials to help companies achieve success in the digital environment. It is divided into a series of Phases that represent the degree of customer evolution in Inbound Marketing. These phases are divided into Success Milestones, a set of minimum steps that the client must complete to successfully reach the next milestone.

There are 4 phases:

  1. Channel Proof
  2. Replicable Model
  3. Automation and Scale
  4. Optimization

Next, we’ll explain each one of them and give more details about what the client must develop so that Digital Marketing can bring results. Follow up!

1. Channel test

The main objective that a company should have when starting in Digital Marketing is to prove the channel. This means understanding whether it is possible to use the internet and Inbound Marketing as a means of acquiring customers for the company. This path is described by the Success Milestones of this phase.

Here, you will learn how to create a lead generation channel, how to nurture them in a basic way to be qualified until the sale is closed. Importantly, content creation is at the heart of this process.

  • Estimated time: 3 to 6 months
  • Ideal minimum: Have a team of 1 or 2 people in marketing and sales
  • Know the basics of Digital Marketing: Lead, blog, Email Marketing etc.
  • Have a recurring lead generation, first opportunities and sales

Stage 1 Success Milestones

  1. Lead Generation Mechanics: Here you must start a process to generate qualified Inbound Leads
  2. Relationship by email: Create the first campaigns with RD Station for a relationship with the generated Leads
  3. Content Planning: Where to Take the First Steps in Content Marketing
  4. First sales: Here are structured steps for the sales process to Inbound customers

Watch here the webinar presenting the Growth Machine RD Methodology

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2. Replicable model

You are at this stage if you have already made your first sales through Inbound and are already able to tell you more or less how to make new sales.

In this step, we want to arrive at a set of recurring actions that give more volume and predictability in the generation of leads and sales, showing that your marketing and sales machine is starting to run and generate results.

This type of operation already generates revenue and return on your investment, in addition to growing organically.

The idea here is to build a solid and reliable foundation for your operation. It’s also time to make some fine adjustments to the route, which will prepare you for the next step.

  • Estimated time: 6 to 12 months
  • Ideal minimum: Have a team of 2 to 5 people in marketing and sales (1 in marketing, ½ pre-sales, 1 sales, designer or freelancer)
  • Know basic Digital Marketing techniques and understand the mechanics
  • Optimize content production
  • Qualify Leads and transfer to sales
  • Generate recurring sales

Stage 2 Success Milestones

  1. Optimization in content production: Monitor the evolution of content pages in Google’s organic ranking and carry out On-Page SEO optimizations, taking into account the keywords
  2. Cadence and volume of materials created: Have a monthly content production calendar, taking into account the creation of at least one Landing Page as bait and at least two blog posts per week
  3. Creating campaigns and autoresponder: Create a flow of emails to be sent via automation or autoresponder to the Leads in the base, segmented by stage of the purchase journey, in order to make the Leads go down in the sales funnel
  4. Lead Qualification: Define a process that determines the minimum criteria Leads must meet, taking into account Lead data and the types of content it consumed to send to the sales team
  5. Goal definition and analysis: Analyze the performance and result of each content, as well as the acquisition channels, in order to optimize strategies and improve conversion rates

3. Automation and scale

When working with the base and repeating the processes consistently, it is common to grow the operation naturally, until it reaches a point where some pain appears.

The volume of Leads to be qualified gets big and can hardly be done by one person. The rate of organic growth slows down, appearing to reach a small level of saturation. Making communication, content and Leads management operational is starting to become difficult.

If your company wants to continue to grow its operation and have more salespeople and sales, it is time to introduce some different practices to be able to generate more volume and quality of Leads. For this, we started to work with the automation of processes and with more investments of resources to gain scale.

  • Estimated time: 9 to 18 months
  • Ideal minimum: Have a team of 5 to 15 people in marketing and sales (2 in marketing, 1 editor/content producer or outsourcer, pre-sales, designer and at least 3 in sales)
  • Use intermediate techniques of Digital Marketing and sales
  • Generate more volume of recurring leads
  • paid media
  • Have a well-designed shopping journey
  • Use automated email flows
  • Have automation of qualification for sales (Lead Scoring)

Stage 3 Success Milestones

  1. Integration between Marketing and Sales: Review of the entire customer acquisition funnel, from attracting to closing sales
  2. Automated Shopping Journey: Designing the Shopping Journey, Defining Nutrition Streams Based on it
  3. Creation of new acquisition channels: Increase lead generation, recognizing the origin of Leads by channel
  4. Routing Qualified Leads: Configure Lead Scoring with the profile and interest of the ideal persona, segment the entire Leads base and define automation to transfer Leads to the sales team
  5. SEO Optimizations: Monitor the evolution of content in the organic ranking of Google using the keyword planner and doing On-Page optimization.
  6. Be authoritative on your subject: Having a blog with content that covers a large volume of doubts and challenges from personas receiving quotes and external links from other sites and media.
  7. Automatic customer loyalty: Create automated email flows segmented by customer profiles to increase retention.

Check out the infographics with all phases and milestones of the methodology’s success

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4. Optimization

Your company already has a fluid and high-volume operation, with good market penetration, and it’s already very difficult to continue gaining volume. Your focus now is on a big gain inefficiency.

At this stage, the concern is to use data and intelligence to be able to better capitalize on the entire structure and actions that are already being carried out.

It is highly recommended that you create a structure of experiments (growth hacking) to make continuous improvement in the most diverse Digital Marketing practices available, always based on numbers and advanced analysis.

  • Estimated time: 12 months
  • Ideal minimum: CMO or marketing director, Digital Marketing team with 4 or more specialists for technical subjects, 2 or more editors/content producers, creative team with 3 or more people (designers, video makers or others), 1 Sale Oops on the sales team.
  • Use advanced marketing and sales techniques
  • do growth hacking
  • Make targeted content production
  • Have email flow to customers
  • Have a sales efficiency review process that provides feedback to marketing to update Lead Scoring and goals
  • To have growth above the market

Stage 4 Success Milestones

  1. Marketing BI Setup: Gather Valuable Business Insights Using Marketing BI
  2. Growth Hacking Experiments: Create an Experimental Framework to Optimize Funnel Conversion Rates
  3. Review of best practices in each channel: Search and implement the most advanced and current practices in each lead generation channel
  4. Segmented content production: Increase the reach and efficiency of content based on reviewing the personas created
  5. Customer Marketing Workflows: Create customer-specific relationship workflows, with the goal of successful retention and delivery
  6. Sales Ops Review Process: Create a review process that provides feedback to marketing to update Lead Scoring and goals
  7. Automations for missed opportunities: Create automation to address different causes of missed opportunities along the funnel

Now it’s up to you!

We have already presented and explained the methodology. Now it’s time for you to get your hands dirty.

Keep in mind that results won’t come overnight, but if you meet the success milestones and phases correctly and with dedication and apply continuous improvements to your processes, you will soon begin to reap the first results of a long-term gain.

And if you complete this entire climb to success, you could consider yourself a winner in Inbound Marketing!

To assist you on this journey:

  • If you already use RD Station in your company, you can access the contents directly on the platform.
  • If you don’t use the software yet, talk to one of our consultants and understand in practice how Digital Marketing can help your company to generate more results!